Transall C-160 for Microsoft Flightsimulator 2004 (FS9)

Sarajevo landing

Jump into the seat of one of the most interesting military aircraft that can be flown in the FS 2004.

Fly exciting missions like real German Air Force pilot fly it. Worldwide.

You can fly extrem steep approaches (Sarajevo-Approach) or drop cargo only a few feets above the ground. Or drop paratroopers at their dropzone, fly the Transall from the Captains or the First Officiers view.

DVD Box Cover

The features:

  • full animated modell
  • open all doors
  • virtual Cockpit
  • flyable in 2D- or 3D-Cockpit
  • "living" Crew
  • Drop of paratroopers and cargo
  • Africa-drop
  • original sounds and Callouts
  • TCAS
  • walk through the Cockpit and the cargo-compartment
  • manyLiverys included (LTG 61, LTG 62, LTG 63,UN)
  • free downloads and upgrades available in our shop

System requirements


  • 1,6 GHz CPU
  • 128 MB Graficcard
  • 513 MB RAM
  • 550 MB free harddisk-space
  • 4 x CD-Rom drive
  • Dirext X9
  • Soundcard


  • Windows 2000 or XP
  • Microsoft Flightsimulator 2004

The system software an the Microsoft Flightsimulator is not included.

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